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The Ultimate "Wii Sports" Recap Cartoon

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  • 게시일 2021. 04. 29.
  • In this ultimate recap cartoon we retell the epic storyline from Nintendo's "Wii Sports". Remember that?
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    A Cartoon by
    Cas van de Pol
    Junaid Chundrigar - ImaJunation
    Animation by
    Erwin Langstraat - ninjalligator
    Junaid Chundrigar - ImaJunation
    Cas van de Pol
    Backgrounds by
    Cas van de Pol
    Sound design by
    Robert Jung - dreikelvin
    Voice work by
    Jeffrey Wirtz - egbertgames
    3D assets & animation by
    Owen Buckley - certifiedlame

댓글 • 13 576

  • Cas van de Pol
    Cas van de Pol  년 전 +6


  • zarkflappysheep
    zarkflappysheep 년 전 +16

    this is the weirdest game to do a recap on

  • DeadCore
    DeadCore 년 전 +10

    the fact that they animated the twitchyness of the cursor was hilarious and at the same time relatable

  • NickPearlTV
    NickPearlTV 년 전 +8

    This is the most depressing game of bowling I’ve ever seen

  • Moo
    Moo  +667


  • Count Bleck Gaming
    Count Bleck Gaming 년 전 +3

    I just noticed, not even a second before he throws the Wii remote the cursor jerks up really fast. Love the detail.

  • BlueG
    BlueG  +72


  • Woodster
    Woodster 년 전 +8

    You perfectly captured what using the pointer on the menu was like

  • Dangoheart Animation

    Never thought I’d get emotional over a mii character.

  • Yas
    Yas  +641

    I knew the bowling minigame was way too iconic for it to be just a recreation but i NEVER thought it would get to the point of a mii wanting to suicide.

  • Snark
    Snark  +91

    The bowling part is a little depressing

  • MJ 我要選李白

    It actually shows some points of how fragile the “normal life” is, and how easily it could been torn part just by some unexpected incidents. (why I’m talking things like this here

  • Joseph Yslas

    i love how at

  • kekeflipnote
    kekeflipnote 년 전 +24

    The hand moving on screen gave me a nostalgia l didnt know could exist haha

  • leinar
    leinar 년 전 +827

    That was the most depressing game of bowling I've ever laid my eyes upon.

  • bored
    bored 년 전 +1


  • Timothy Gaynor


  • Eternal the mandarin goddess

    The default mii is unironically one of my favorite video game characters ever. He is so damn iconic and i love him so much. I even made him the ex-dark curse in Miitopia in an attempt to give him some sort of character. which worked cause now i like him even more. he's great! Plus he made a cameo in literally everyone's childhood! Why does nobody talk about that?

  • PaulaMarina


  • Jonkari P
    Jonkari P 년 전 +32

    The cursor is animated so accurately