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Mini "Mario 64" Recap Cartoon

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  • 게시일 2022. 09. 01.

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  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    love how colourful the world is & happy Mario is despite all the trauma he experienced, he really is an optimist

  • Don chii 🔘
    Don chii 🔘 21 일 전 +2

    The running animation is so accurate 💀

  • Conn Toons
    Conn Toons 21 일 전 +1

    The sand hill part hit me way too hard

  • spirit
    spirit 21 일 전 +771

    bruh the ending killed me💀💀💀

  • SamiTheAnxiousBean
    SamiTheAnxiousBean 21 일 전 +103

    there's something so funny about there being 2 exact same drowning gags

  • Joseph Munoz
    Joseph Munoz 21 일 전 +558

    That feeling where you know exactly where each scene takes place.

  • mobnameisT
    mobnameisT 14 일 전 +11


  • one of the homies
    one of the homies 21 일 전 +458

    I love the fact that the entire time he was just kicking things xD

  • *{Purp}*
    *{Purp}* 21 일 전 +216

    The Lakitu one GOT ME-

  • LEHwuff
    LEHwuff 21 일 전 +125

    This is accuracy on a Level I have never seen.

  • Majiri Tadakichi
    Majiri Tadakichi 21 일 전 +26

    I love how accurately you captured the feel of Mario's momentum in the game, along with the attention to detail like the llod koopa and landscape aesthetic on top of being a great funny this whole video is just... Breathtaking.

  • Elijah06
    Elijah06 21 일 전 +173


  • Karnot
    Karnot 21 일 전 +57

    excellent ; and the music looping at the end

  • Fireflye Buggy
    Fireflye Buggy 21 일 전 +21

    This was awesome and so, so accurate. Loved every second of this. I’m surprised you didn’t put the haunted piano in it but I’m not complaining. 😂

  • Kevin Bee18
    Kevin Bee18 21 일 전 +17

    This is literally my childhood 🤣

  • Nathalie
    Nathalie 21 일 전 +31

    Lmaoooo love how he still sounds italian despite not saying a Word

  • Stevoisiak
    Stevoisiak 21 일 전 +32

    That perfect music loop is a great touch

  • Breakdancing Cat 💀
    Breakdancing Cat 💀 21 일 전 +34

    Omg the end got me laughing 😂

  • rat king
    rat king 21 일 전 +60

    the sand one always hits way to close to home

  • Octo Gorb
    Octo Gorb 21 일 전 +7

    This is beautiful and idk why both drowning scenes made me laugh.