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Mini "Turning Red" Recap Cartoon!

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 04. 07.
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  • Cas van de Pol

    FULL RECAP NEXT WEEK! (for real this time) ULTIMATE TARZAN!!!!!!!!!! (it's gonna be a good one!)

  • Platinum
    Platinum  +18

    mei's mom shooting a laserbeam was such a memorable scene. really says alot about society

  • Thinking Renegade

    This entire movie is just

  • traeh Der
    traeh Der  +95

    Mei dancing like Peanut Butter Jelly at the beginning 😭✨😭

  • Quive
    Quive  +3

    I love how the artstyle of Turning red fits your artstyle perfectly

  • danipie
    danipie 21 일 전 +106

    I love how she fits into my phone When the crushes her friends. Smart.

  • Miss_crochet_q8


  • Gamepopper101

    Finally, we get to see Tyler hit with a dodgeball!

  • si'e'men's

    I demand the full version of the track from the beginning of the video!

  • Hanson White
    Hanson White 21 일 전 +13

    You made my day so much better that was just great give me one more of these Recaps

  • Susan Botsford

    As someone who has not seen the movie, I can confirm that this is very accurate.


    Mei’s mom at the end be like “ima firin mah lazer!!!”

  • Keira
    Keira 4 시간 전

    I couldn’t hold it when she just SLAMMED Tyler at the end. That was hilarious.

  • Flyday Chinatown

    Love the little HOHOHOHOH when she's running away from the ritual hahahhah

  • Anna Derreza

    Why did mei's mom had Godzilla breath,that was amazing

  • PeruLegend HCR2

    In the end mei's mom blasted a "l a s e r b e a m"

  • N o t ♡ J o o t

    After I saw it I told my friend "I just watched a movie where a mother didn't approve of her daughters fursona, then they went on to have a furry duel."

  • *just a normal person

    I like how was Meilin landed on Tyler and i even laugh a lot😂

  • bluller family
    bluller family 21 일 전

    "i'm gonna go to a concert without my mom's permission"

  • Mr. Thumbs Up

    Mei's mom really went full-out Godzilla at the end