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The Ultimate “Spirited Away” Recap Cartoon

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  • 게시일 2022. 06. 10.
  • The ultimate recap cartoon of Studio Ghibli’s classic; Spirited Away! (千と千尋の神隠し) NoFace! Haku! Chihiro! Kamaji! Yubaba!
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    A Cartoon by
    Cas van de Pol & Brent van den Hove
    Written by
    Brent van den Hove - kokosbrood
    Animated by
    Erwin Langstraat - ninjalligator/
    改刀SD - space.bilibili.com/86820582
    Micaela Gabot - mikumis
    Lucas Kozuk i- lukozuki
    Martijn Kreemers - martijnkreemers
    Aris Kolaretakis - arislaretis/
    Tijmen Raasveld - TijmenRaasveld
    Cas van de Pol
    Backgrounds by
    Anna Engels - anna_c_engels
    Music & sound design
    Robert Jung - dreikelvin/
    3D assets & animation
    Brent van den Hove - kokosbrood
    Voice work
    Dennis Impink - DennisImpink
    Lisa Emmerik
    Eveline van de Water
    Pepijn Hikspoors - worstvinger
    thanks for watching :)

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  • Kerem Cinar

    I just love the way he drew hakus face. He literally just looks like a Mii.

  • RudyTheNinja

    This actually sums up the movie pretty well

  • ASoupofPrunes

    Considering Cas’s other work, I was pleasantly surprised this didn’t end with more people dying horifically :)

  • Georg Zhogolev

    If "Spirited Away" have so much blood in your recap, I'm afraid to imagine what you can do in "Princess Mononoce"

  • Giraffy's YT account

    Interesting fact: in the original, at the end of the film, the main character does not remember everything that happened to her in the spirit world. Because of what, the ending remains open, whether all this happened true or not;

    NENOL  +216

    The outro just reminded me how beautiful and calming this movie really is and why I love it so much. This was a nice recap- like kind of toned down, but still great.

  • Robi Guzman

    After seeing the baby I just never know what to expect anymore. Cas Van De Pol always seems to outdo himself every passing skit

  • MultiFlash009


  • IanPlaysNintendo

    As someone who has watched and enjoyed the original film, this video was really funny!

  • Kabochan
    Kabochan  +40

    It's amazing how you get the vibes of the scenes so perfectly.

  • Ducky
    Ducky  +707

    The "Your dragon boyfriend is here" scene will always be wholesome, even in a Cas Van de Pol recap


    I literally love this movie I watched 15 times already and never ever get tired.

  • SuperWiiBros08

    I haven't watched this movie in years but I still recognize 90% of all the references

  • Bummy Bum
    Bummy Bum  +384

    I love how you put the actual expressions in here, was really happy to see Chihiro look like how she expressed in the movie

  • Missing
    Missing  +178

    It is incredible how life has so many coincidences, precisely on Saturday (the day this animation premiered) I showed my mother the movie and I saw it with her. by the way great job as always Cas

  • Fierce The Dragon

    I literally just watched this movie for the first time with my brothers. I can’t wait to see their reactions to this because if I have to suffer from the unwholesome crime against wholesomeness you committed by making this video, then they do too… well done. 👍

  • GingerPale
    GingerPale  +450

    Always the most beautiful videos :'))

  • A Gremlin With Art

    I think it’s perfect how the ending to this cartoon feels so bittersweet like the ending of the movie. Well done.

  • Comical Realm Animations

    Fun fact: Spirited Away (2001) earned ¥30.4 billion, and was the highest grossing film in Japanese history before being surpassed by Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train (2020).


    Of all the animations that I have stayed and witnessed from this channel, this one is close to the heart for it is the least Chaotic and or more calmly serene of all animations and even the end credit with the moving background almost made wallowed up in tears for it’s beautiful coupled with the beautiful music piece it’s majestic. My respect for Cas Van De Pol for respecting this heart warming nostalgic (even if it’s modern take) Anime movie.