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The Ultimate "Star Wars: A New Hope" Recap Cartoon

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  • 게시일 2020. 11. 27.
  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
    THE ULTIMATE STAR WARS RECAP CARTOON! (Episode IV A New Hope)! Follow Luke Skywalker on his journey to become a jedi knight or whatever!
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    a Cartoon by Cas van de Pol & Junaid Chundrigar
    Storyboard by Cas van de Pol & Junaid Chundrigar
    Animation by Cas van de Pol & Junaid Chundrigar
    Backgrounds by Cas van de Pol & Junaid Chundrigar
    Catering by Cas van de Pol & Junaid Chundrigar
    Music & sound by Robert Jung - dreikelvin

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  • imaJunation
    imaJunation 년 전 +21

    Thanks for the reactions everybody! We had a blast making this one :)

  • Bovine Designs
    Bovine Designs 년 전 +2

    It's kinda sad that Luke mourns more for his aunt and uncle in this more than he does in the actual movie.

  • Khải Phạm Bá
    Khải Phạm Bá 년 전 +2

    The best thing about this is that not only were they able to make a very cute animation, they actually picked the most controversial/meme parts of the movie and amplified them:

  • JKE Game Master
    JKE Game Master 년 전 +3


  • GrandMaster Ezra

    I love at

  • Alyx G Raff
    Alyx G Raff 년 전 +2


  • Train
    Train  +217


  • Editor
    Editor 년 전 +2

    I swear, at this point, this guy is doing everything he can to make sure coppas doesn’t screws him as a kids video again

  • Frozar Burst
    Frozar Burst 년 전 +741

    I just love the fact that in Ben's hut, he shows pictures taken from the Clone Wars and we see Ahsoka and Rex there. Not to mention Dexter in the diner with Obi Wan. That's some attention to detail or love not a lot of Star Wars parodies will do

  • Ell Crav
    Ell Crav 년 전 +284

    I love how Alderaan has Leia's hairstyle at

  • the sus man


  • The Guy
    The Guy 년 전 +1

    I just noticed in the beginning, the droid gets a little happy face at

  • locutus155

    I love how the Vader Vs Kenobi fight starts off like the reimagined version that's been on KRclip, but ends up how the movie actually portrayed it.

  • Tformers2002
    Tformers2002 년 전 +1

    KRclip: This channel looks kinda kid friendly.

  • Twotinytoes222
    Twotinytoes222 년 전 +418


  • y do we exist
    y do we exist 년 전 +186


  • NoelistAvenger
    NoelistAvenger 년 전 +123


  • The Keester


  • Fluffy Cam
    Fluffy Cam 년 전 +2