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The Ultimate “Monsters Inc” Recap Cartoon

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  • 게시일 2022. 05. 20.
  • The ultimate recap cartoon of Pixar's Monsters, Inc! MIKE WAZOOOOOOOWSKIIIIII!!!
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    A Cartoon by
    Cas van de Pol & Brian Bear
    Storyboarded by
    Brian Bear - BeaPeaBear
    Co-directed by
    Steve Ly - notstevely/
    Animated by
    Erwin Langstraat - ninjalligator/
    Micaela Gabot - mikumis
    改刀SD - space.bilibili.com/86820582
    Lucas Kozuk i- lukozuki
    Raphael Coutant - bobolesinge
    Aris Kolaretakis - arislaretis/
    Florin Oduber - okapitar/
    Kati Knitt - KatiKnitt/
    Lise van der Gaag - pantswizard
    Cas van de Pol
    Additional animation by
    Shashank Mani - all_dat_mani
    Tijmen Raasveld
    Backgrounds by
    Anna Engels - anna_c_engels
    Composited by
    Thijs Viegers - studioplumeau.com/animation/
    Music & sound design
    Robert Jung - dreikelvin/
    Voice work
    Joe Porter - JoeF_NPorter/
    MeatCanyon - meatcanyon

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  • Cas van de Pol

    thanks for watching everyone!! what should we recap next? ❤❤❤

  • Sarita 😻

    Popular opinion: It's very funny and very entertaining. The animation as always is good. And we should accept that every Cas Van de Pol video is very good and funny.

  • LucasRPDJ

    The anount of memes and references in this cartoon is just crazy 😂

  • Capt Grovesy

    It feels satisfying to see Sully just enter doors with the perfect shape. Like the shape toys to put into the specific holes.

  • Grimace
    Grimace  +362



    Mike: “I can’t believe it…”

    CHEESEBALL  +217


  • White Bear Productions

    Special guest stars:

  • Spyros K.
    Spyros K.  +579


  • Last Person

    I like how quickly the sushi scene is glazed over because it had no real purpose in the grand scheme of things

  • Mobile Task Force Eta-10

    The way Mike at

  • Junior Sky
    Junior Sky  +381

    Remembering all of these iconic scenes from the movie actually melts my heart a little. I love this movie so much and the nostalgia it gives me

  • Multiple Fandom Lover

    I just can't get over how Mike is literally just a circle with tiny nuts as his arms and legs, and it is both the most accurate and the cutest portrayal of his character ever. This gave me so much Nostalgia, and I had such a blast watching it. Subscribed!

  • Goat-on-a-Stick

    Are doors Sullivan shape, or is Sullivan door shaped? We will never know.

  • cOoLsKeLeToN95


  • bron-yr-aur79

    Ah, even in a completely different movie, Steve Buscemi still ends up in the Fargo wood chipper.

  • Jacob Keen
    Jacob Keen  +340

    the only thing that would maske this masterpiece even more of a masterpiece is if the music box from FNAF played and freddy's eyes shone in the dark after Mike died in the apartment

  • Zack 1
    Zack 1  +2

    Honestly, Boo is unironically the most cutest thing you've ever animated. With that said, I'm still conflicted that you didn't show us the garbage cube scene. Would have been either hilarious or traumatizing.