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Mini “Mandalorian” Recap Cartoon

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 05. 12.
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  • Cas van de Pol

    should we do a full one for the mandalorian? 👀👀👀

  • Matteo QuelloBrutto

    Watching that minion getting demolished by kicks gave me pure joy

  • Isol J
    Isol J  +1

    "Good soup."

  • Wii4a11
    Wii4a11  +1

    Okay, that last part was brilliant. Here I was, expecting one or both troopers to deliver a haymaker to Yoda, but we're treated to a minion instead.

  • Mysticluna and Lea June

    Ngl, seeing the minion get beat up gave me feelings of warmth.

  • Laprasrules12

    Grogu liked the ball like how Mort liked King Jillian's foot

  • Tix Stadmen

    Can you please do one of ice age, because the company resently went bankrupt

  • Alight - Ace

    Grogu at the end: you thought I was gonna get hit right?

  • iMajinnn
    iMajinnn  +142

    Grogu be like at the end : “Did you expect me to get beaten up?”

  • Tristan Fesmire

    Still more character development than Captain Phasma

  • Science Druid

    I died at "good soup!" Also, that's pretty darned good on the music.

  • NathanComix Productions

    Recap recommendations:

  • AnArn B
    AnArn B  +30

    Why was the stormtrooper reading the Jar Jar book like a p**n magazine 💀💀

  • Joakim Andre Gullaba

    I was waiting for this for 1 year finally it came and make the full too!

  • AlpiePEAKS

    I like how Grogu's eyes blend into his cheeks

  • Ashesamazing

    “Good soup”👌

  • _BgOy
    _BgOy  +3

    "what are you watching?"

  • ItsHammerTime

    Two people kicking the shit out of someone on the ground will always be my favorite meme from the channel

  • ꧁ Niebieska Panda ꧂

    When this baby yoda was sad, he was so cute

  • Internet Spider

    “Good Soup”