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The Ultimate "Nightmare Before Christmas" Recap Cartoon

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  • 게시일 2021. 10. 28.
  • The ultimate HALLOWEEN recap cartoon of Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas! Jack Skellington! Tim Burton! Spooky!
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    twitter: kn0nker
    instagram: casvdp
    twitch: www.twitch.tv/casvdpol
    Directed by
    Cas van de Pol
    Animation by
    Cas van de Pol
    Erwin Langstraat - Ninjalligator/
    Lucas Kozuki - lukozuki
    Micaela Gabot - mikumis
    Liz El Saadany - razkalling
    Martijn Kreemers - martijnkreemers
    Sven De Storcke - StorkToonz/
    Raphael Coutant - bobolesinge
    Backgrounds by
    Anna Engels - anna_c_engels
    3D assets & additional animation
    Dominik Johann - zerstoerer/
    Thijs Viegers - studioplumeau.com/animation/
    Special thanks
    Pepijn Hikspoors - www.twitch.tv/pipne/
    Music & sound design
    Robert Jung - dreikelvin/
    (CHECK OUT ROBERT’S MUSIC open.spotify.com/artist/50epn... )
    Voice work
    Dennis Impink
    Lisa Emmerik
    Filomena Franke - Flio
    Joe Finegold - FinegoldJoe
    William Pugh - HonestWilliam
    Dominik Johann - zerstoerer
    Matty Jorissen - krclip.com/user/MatteNande
    Pepijn Hikspoors - www.twitch.tv/pipne/
    thanks for watching :)

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  • Cas van de Pol

    🎃 happy halloween 🎃

  • Eaglehood

    If you've never watched the movie, you'd think Jack being shot down by the artillery cannons were one of Cas' jokes.

  • Bluebun Animates

    I absolutely love how exaggerated this dude draws characters. The mayor? Just a *t r i a n g l e*. The werewolf? A wolf with MASSIVE teeth. Jack? Thin as fish bones. I love it.

  • PrinityKat

    For someone who is basically a stick with a circle on top Jack has very expressive body language and facial features. Well done, truly!

  • SomeGuyInTheComments

    Okay but Cas’s version of Jack extremely adorable. I love his expression at

  • PowdergameFan18

    Your character designs are perfect. The rotating head mayor, sallys neck to head ratio, jacks actually terrifying expressions; everything is so well made!

  • Mhairi Harris

    Man, Pump and Skidd are quite effective at their jobs! They didn’t even confuse Santa for the Easter bunny!!

  • Cobro
    Cobro  +1

    I rewatched the movie last night and completely forgot Jack being attacked by a military base was an actual plot point. I thought that was something you threw in there for the funny

  • Kazz
    Kazz  +626


  • Howler Moon

    Ah yes, I love the part where Jack delivers family friendly gifts to the children

  • bruh moment's


  • Onimbus
    Onimbus  +6

    The way Jack crawled down the chimney smoothly in a creepy manner was so satisfying.

  • Cole Allen
    Cole Allen  +518

    I always, ALWAYS forget Jack was shot down by military anti-aircraft.

  • Todd Wheelhouse


  • LastSonofEarth30

    Oogie from movie: sings charming song

  • dynamicsketch

    Jack actually gave out worse gifts in this than he did in the movie.

  • Abyss
    Abyss  +35

    How jack moves when he’s giving the presents to the kids is slightly terrifying

  • Christian Flaherty: Sequel Edition

    How in the world did the music manage to evoke the same level of fitting spooky vibes as the originals, and yet also remain distinct? That's crazy impressive composing right there. Mad props.