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The Ultimate "Kung Fu Panda" Recap Cartoon

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  • 게시일 2021. 09. 30.
  • The ultimate recap cartoon of DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda!
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    twitter: kn0nker
    instagram: casvdp
    twitch: www.twitch.tv/casvdpol
    Directed & animated by
    Cas van de Pol
    Backgrounds by
    Anna Engels - anna_c_engels
    3D assets & additional animation
    Owen Buckley - certifiedlame
    Dominik Johann - zerstoerer/
    Erwin Langstraat - Ninjalligator
    Thijs Viegers - studioplumeau.com/animation/
    Voice work
    Pepijn Hikspoors - www.twitch.tv/pipne
    Co-written by
    Sven De Storcke - StorkToonz
    Special thanks to
    Niels Beekes - krclip.com/user/64Bits
    Martijn Kremers - martijnkreemers
    Music & sound design
    Robert Jung - dreikelvin
    Niels van der Voet
    thanks for watching :)

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  • Camila Cuevas

    Hearing the tortoise's mating sound sent my sides into a black hole, that and the freaking goose had me on the floor, that was hilarious.

  • Meadow Maniacal

    Kung Fu Panda is literally one of my favorite movies and every scene in this had me crying from laughter.

  • William Reely

    Love how the Skidoosh made him explode into giblets like a Half Life NPC 😂

  • Tony Mata
    Tony Mata  +416


  • -Ğ


  • Aramis Betances

    Having Po's dad as the Untitled Goose Game was brilliant

  • Sawyer good


  • Razor High Flyer

    What's crazy is that the scene at

  • Levi Wendt
    Levi Wendt  +155

    So we all just gonna ignore that master shifu giving po’s ass that first slap was perfectly synchronized with the music

  • Attakrus

    As funny as this cartoon was, we can all agree that the Kung Fu Panda franchise was pretty freaking good!

  • Cobalt Prime

    Words cannot express how much I love Po’s dad being the goose from Untitled Goose Game.

  • edgygingerlol

    The scream at

  • Isaiah Loera


  • Ethan Oliver


  • Ikar Aviator

    That "Monkey" gives some new lore in that context!

  • Comical Realm Animations

    Fun fact: Mr. Ping was originally going to be Po's strict boss. This idea was later changed to the goose being Po's dad because it was funnier.

  • Arthur Nunes