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Mini "Encanto" Recap Cartoon!

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 03. 17.
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  • soma_
    soma_  +6

    “wE dOnt tAlking ‘bOut brUnOoOO”

  • Analyn Victoria Canlas

    Bruno:👊🏽 bucket*

  • HoneyEditor

    “MiRaBeL!!!!*stomp,stomp,stomp,stomp*got me rollin💀✋

  • WaF
    WaF  +19

    remember guys, the best ending always includes the main characters exploding into bits.

  • francis the flea

    I can only imagine how Dolores must’ve felt during all of this 😭

  • Arianna Dorsey

    I don't remember that at the end- 👀

  • Pipne
    Pipne  +5

    we don't talking bout brunooOoOOOOoOooOoo 🎵

  • bluefromjarassicpark

    Abuelo pedro calling the hunters and the hunters choking him made me laugh 😂

  • Mr. Roblox guy

    They were just happy after Abuella Tell Mirable about how Abuelo died

  • Micah Thunder

    Never doubt the strength of an emotionally unbalanced magic family.

  • mr smiley noobie

    "wE dOnt tAlking bOut bruUnOoOO"

  • Meme
    Meme  +16

    The intro:

  • Vo Memes

    SO that's how this home was repaired

  • Furry Anime Fan ~

    This had me laughing crazy 🤣🤣 Especially the ending "Midrabel: Yooooo"

  • Memes .1000 years ago.

    I need to say that: why does Mirabel look and sound so cute

  • Chase The Police Pup

    "wE dOnT tAlKiNg bOuT bRuNoOaAoAoAoAoAoOaO"

  • Pepa Madrigal

    I love the little dance mirabel does in the intro lol

  • rainferno

    welp, that ending scarred me 💀

  • Local Alleyway Cat Dealer

    The "We Don't Talk About Bruno" Autotune got me

  • «ItzSamiii»